Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Feel The Pain (Lyrics)

Never looking back
door is shut behind me
Turn the key and there's it's gone
(there it's gone)

Three foot solid walls of oak
blocking out the memories
a dam to the river of hopeless pleas

Feel the pain, feel the burn
Watch my eyes, as it hurts
Stretched out to
the highest height
Bungee jumped
through the night

And you dragged me back up to you
knocking down walls and bulldozin'
Careless shatters of heart of glass
The shards will cut you straight in half

And it's not even you, not really
You're just a memory, so silly
But just when they say you're name
it burns to say hello

So feel the pain, feel the burn
Watch my eyes, as it hurts
Loving at all the wrong times
Carelessness on all the wrong days
Dragged me back straight up to you
The window's glass and I'm looking through

Albums full of pictures
Smiles and kiss on the cheek
All of them are punctures
The lamp of kerosene
blow so pretty
(blows so pretty)

I'll close the door and lose the key
feel my pain, feel the burn
Throbbing chest it aches so deep
But come tomorrow you'll see me mourn