Saturday, October 5, 2013

A Confession

You walk both worlds, you've seen them collide
You can't always run, but you can always hide

The respect you have is never what you want
The wants you need are the things that daunt

What's this thing called 'good night, sleep'
When all you see is water so deep

You're like a poison with no antidote
You can't help but always be alone

You never seem to get what you want or need
When all you are is the diversity

You can't be labeled as anything but strange
You know no matter what this can never change

The pen is your poison, the writing your drug
No one sees through their feigned kisses and hugs

Talking isn't how you really communicate
but forever isn't always worth the wait

This person is you, deep dark and depressed
no matter what else you only want to confess