Monday, July 29, 2013

Walk into the place like we own the town
but of course we ain't never been there

But sweetie money gets you into places
especially 'cause Daddy has money everywhere

So maybe we do own everything
but darling, how could that ever be bad?

We run this school like New York City
You get to the top by being so pretty

So when we walk into class like it's our personal room
Sweetheart, it may as well be

So don't be crying 'cause I stepped on you
It was only 'cause you'll never be as perfect as me

Shout out!

So this is just a shout out to a REALLY cool site! Titled 'Tip of My Tongue.' This site helps you find that one word on the tip of your tongue! It doesn't always have the word, but it does enough of the time and can help you to find even better ones!
Here ya go!

Friday, July 26, 2013

The Mardi Gras Speech I Wrote at Age 11

            “Throw me somethin’! Throw me somethin’, Mister!” The kid reaches for the prize, hoping to grab it, and do they? Yes, they somehow do through the crowd of flailing arms, also reaching for that throw, as the prizes are dubbed, or another. We all, or at least most of us, know what it’s like to reach for the ball, trying to pass it, grab it, hit. Now you are probably wondering what sports have to do with Mardi Gras, but I’ll explain that soon. Until then I must talk to you about the beginnings of Mardi Gras, the original celebration, how it lasted through the ages, the current celebration, and of course, Fat Tuesday itself.

            Everything about Mardi Gras that we know started in Greece. Well, the origins anyways. They didn’t have parades, or masking, or throws. But we did have the basic idea, a spring festival. Can you imagine that kid standing there, amazed to be at such a festival? I know I would be, and not just because I had traveled to one of my favorite time periods. And the idea of Mardi Gras stayed when the Greeks were conquered by the Romans. Except this was when the costumes and the masking flooded in. Chariot races, gladiators, and wild parties also joined in. It also gained the first name that we know of, Lupercallis. The first official date was also created, March 25th. It seemed you could get away with almost any crime that day. From thievery to murder to rioting. Anything was allowed. And when the Christians were attempting to convert the Romans, they let them keep their celebration they just calmed it down a bit, made it more religious. They also gave it a new date, earlier in the year. When they created the new date for Easter, they also created one for Mardi Gras. It was to be the Tuesday before Ash Wednesday, six weeks before Easter. It had many names over the years, all variations of Carnival. And let’s just say it traveled around the Christian church and it eventually got an official name in France, Mardi Gras.

            Who here has seen “The Princess Frog?” Well, if you paid any attention, you would have noticed that Charlotte’s father was declared King of Mardi Gras, and that is what I am going to tell you about. Not that story specifically, but the basic idea. Imagine that kid there again, at one of the first Mardi Gras parades in America, yet again amazed to be there. And yet again, I know I would be. I mean who wouldn’t love to go to one of the balls or parades? In case you ever do, I’ll tell you a bit more about them, and the King of Mardi Gras. It all started with krewes, which were elite groups of men, and these krewes threw the parades and the parties. And it is not spelled like a rowing crew, but with a k at the beginning and an e at the end. One of the first krewes was Comus, they also created the word krewe. And soon after, the King of Mardi Gras was created too, and he was dubbed “Rex.” Then, in 1909, the first black krewe was created, named Zulu. About then they had teased Rex and created the Zulu King, making him their own version. The new century brought in new krewes and kicked out others, it was stopped for World War I and World War II. But it still survived. The balls also survived, but they soon did almost die off.

            And now we are almost done with our journey through time. Now about how many of you, by a show of hands, have ever heard the song “House of the Rising Sun?” Because if you do know that song, then you know it takes place in New Orleans. But we are not talking about the House of the Rising Sun, we are talking about Fat Tuesday, a nickname for Mardi Gras. Now I explain what sports have to do with Mardi Gras, so back to the arms. Remember that feeling of slight pain as you stretch, that was what the kid felt like as he reached for the throw, usually a cup or some bead necklaces, maybe a doll. He was probably dressed in his costume, themed as something from Mythology, maybe he was dressed as Icharus. The little boy would not be the only one dressed up, other people, wearing masks and other costumes, were commonly parade goers. Then there were the people on the floats, dressed in extravagant costumes, throwing the throws, which is actually very tiring.

            “Throw me something’! Throw me somethin’, Mister!” The kid calls again, reaching for another throw. And yet again he grabs it. After traveling through time and learning the actual gist of Mardi Gras, about its history, krewes, parades, and everything he could stuff into only a few minutes, imagine how he felt there. It must have been perfect.

Like the title says. I apologize if it sucks, but it got the point across and I got like a B+ OF WHICH I WAS VERY PROUD. Five minutes and forty eight seconds. I was eleven so please understand it's badness. I also wrote the majority in a matter of a few hours the night before and had it proofread (SURPRISE SURPRISE I DO THAT SOMETIMES) by my father. Maybe one day (not) I'll post my U2 speech or Ancient Greek one (lost copies of both. whoops).

Alyss (Lyrics)

To the tune of Painting Flowers by All Time Low
Inspired by The Looking Glass Wars

Strange names, what is this place?
I’m in England, not Wonderland
I fell right through the Pool of Tears
Where is Hatter Madigan?
He’s s’posed to save me and protect me
I guess he lied about it all

Are they fighting? Or looking for me?
What did Redd do to my home?
If nothing is true, am I crazy?
Hatter must still be looking for me, oh Hatter

Adopted by a family
They’re the Liddells and oh so very human
It’s A-L-Y-S-S Alyss
That’s not my name, that’s not how it’s spelled
But I guess that’s not me anymore

But when I meet him
And tell my story
He twisted it in such a very cruel fashion
And it’s all a lie, I may believe it myself
Nothing goes through my looking glass
I think this may change me forever

I met Prince Leopald
I almost was married to him
And when Dodge saved me
And he took me back
I knew everything that I dreamed up is true
If I must beat Redd
I will need all of your help
I went through the Looking Glass Maze

I am now queen of Wonderland

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Pioneer Day

“Wagons, ho!” The cry is called as the early Latter Day Saints push forward. Wagons and oxen and people alike walk as they complete the last day of the trek to the Salt Lake Valley. The day is July 24th, 1847. As you read this paper you will learn the special story of this day, how it is celebrated, and other intriguing facts. So read on to travel on your own trek.

            On June 27, 1844, everything changed. The leader of the Mormon, or LDS, church was assassinated. Within years it was decided that the early members of this faith needed to leave their homes again, and they left with only what they absolutely needed, making their way across the plains towards Utah. As they made their way cross country they faced many troubles. Rain was a large one. The Saints crossed many people and finally they arrived in Utah on the 24th of July in 1847. They were never chased away and the land was theirs. Everything was good and right and peaceful.

The Saints marked the day as an important holiday and it later became the day that Utah officially became a state whether it was meant to happen or not. The day is also a common birthday. But it is most known for being Utah’s birthday and Pioneer Day for those who are of the LDS faith or live in Utah.

Pioneer Day is celebrated in many Mormon congregations and families. Parades, carnivals, picnics, barbeques, fireworks, reenactments of the trek across the country, all are ways to celebrate Pioneer Day, or Days of ’47.

Approximately once every four years a Trek is held in which the youth or ward members gather together and create costumes and wagons and gather supplies and go on a miniature trek that lasts a few days in which they pull hand carts and travel like the pioneers once did, reminding them of their history and even humbling them, showing them that they have so much.

Parades, picnics, barbecues, costume contests, carnivals and, concerts are other common ways to celebrate this historic day. Some families will go on personal treks while others may not acknowledge it at all, or even realize it is a day. But as you read this paper you are learning that it is one in fact.

Pioneer Day is many things but boring is not one of them. As you conclude this paper you will realize just how many little known facts there are and things that don’t fit in anywhere else. These things will be presented as the last few ‘obstacles’ before you arrive at your own version of the Salt Lake Valley, which is most likely where you are sitting right now.

Pioneer Day has symbols, like many other things. An almost cliché one is a covered wagon or handcart whereas another one that is lesser known are the beehive, Utah's state emblem.

Another fun fact, as they could be called, is that Pioneer Day is not the day the Saints actually originally arrived in Utah. Scouts arrived two days previously on the 22nd of July.

“Wagons, ho!” The cry is now useless as the Saints arrived in Utah long ago and now rest there safe and sound. You have gone on your own personal trek as you traveled through this paper, learning just what Pioneer Day is and was. The day is no longer July 24th, 1847 and it is in fact just over 150 years later. But of course, after this paper is done and read, it won’t matter anymore.

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so I wrote this for school on pioneer day to celebrate my early birthday. it's my birthday, a holiday in my religion ( and overall it's just cool. and one of the most critical kids in my class liked it (i was beyond shocked) so yeah here yah go

This poem just splurted out

im officially thirteen 
no more singing remixed les mis
im free
and a teen
and you can bet your high horses
that im not staying the way 
i idiotically way

thirteen means freedom
thirteen means change
it also means troubles
and challenges
that are bound to come my way

im prepared for this
this teenage wasteland
im prepared to see the real world
or so i lie to myself
im preparing to be hurt and broken
built up and loved again
ive glimpsed it a bit as child
but now ill see it as a teenager again

Friday, July 19, 2013

A bit of HP fanfic I've been writing

Roxanne Weasley, daughter of George Weasley and Katie Bell Weasley, raced up the stairs. Behind her was her closest friend, Nicolette Longbottom, or Nic. At the top of the narrow flight of rickety stairs, Rose Weasley awaited them. It was the day before their next year at Hogwarts would begin, and they were all ecstatic. Rox was the oldest, a rising fourth year. Rose was the youngest, just entering her second. Nic was the middle of the three, going into her third year.
Supplies had been bought and were waiting in trunks, hidden in the upstairs rooms. No one really wanted the school year to start, but they all knew it had to at some point. The three Slytherin girls were excited for many things. Quidditch, Hogsmede for Rox and Nic, and the wide array of classes they were taking.
Once the three girls were together, they silently clambered down the hallway, towards the room they were all sharing. It was their Aunt Ginny's old room, but she was at her house with her sons and daughter and husband, so the room was taken by those three. Uncle Bill and Aunt Fleur had their own room with their son Louis, a Ravenclaw Prefect. Their daughters resided with the other three girls staying at the Burrow, home of the Weasley clan.
"C'mon! We have to hurry if we want to mess with Victoire's make up!" Rox exclaimed. It was made clear early on in her life that she was quite a bit like her father in some ways, but the exact opposite in others. Until James' true house had been revealed and Rose had been Sorted, she had been the black sheep of her family.
"Do we have to?" Rose asked. She didn't like trouble, at least such blatant trouble as this prank was. Rose preferred the more subtle and sneaking ways of the devious angel that she was.
"Well we already got to Louis' hair stuff, so why not mess with Victoire next? I don't even know why she's here. She graduated Hogwarts last year!" Nic may not have been a Weasley, or a Potter, but her father was close friends with the family, so it was only natural for her to be as well. Like her two Weasley friends, she strongly detested Victoire Weasley.
"Well this should teach her not to come back next year!" Rox shouted quietly. They entered their shared room and went over to their cousin's overstuffed luggage.
Together the trio quickly worked. By the time seven and a half minutes had passed, the havoc was wreaked and the make up was back in place. Just as quickly and quietly as the girls had come, they were gone. You never really could trust a snake, now could you?

I cried?

"No, no, please tell me you're kidding me," he said. Worry laced his tone as he packed his suitcase. His wife stood with his infant daughter to the side of the room. A solid voice responded to the man and he groaned. His wife, pale and fragile, brought a single hand to her lips. Shock echoed across her face and through the room.

"It wasn't like that when I left," the man objected, but he knew his arguments had all turned against him. What his partner said in reply proved his point. It had been a long year and so much had changed, and now it was about to change again.

The phone clicked, signalling the end of the call right as the man finished packing. A sad look full of longing was given to his wife as he stepped closer to her. The small baby wailed. The man looked down at his three week old daughter, love and sadness evident on his old and tired face. Leaning down he placed a kiss on her tiny and warm forehead. A smile of adoration quickly flashed, before he stood up and turned to his wife.

"Take her to John. He'll understand," he instructed his wife, knowing he would. He leaned in for a kiss, but lights began to flash as he did so. Noises blared, and he stood straight, stepping away quickly.

"Take her to John, he knows what to do. Remember what I told you, remember what I said, and remember that I love you." Picking up his suitcase the man flashed away. The lights fell to darkness and the noises to sudden silence. The woman leaned against the wall in shock, holding her infant daughter to her chest. Now it was all up to her.

Is it bad I was almost crying as I wrote this? And I rarely cry at books, so that means something. Wrote this from like three ayem to five ayem and kind of half not working (coughtumblrandsheocough). But I know exactly what I am going to use this for. Hesitant about posting it, but it needed to be shared.

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

City of Angels (Lyrics)

So I can't claim rights to this song as it is inspired by the very talented Joe Brooks' music (the English one, not American, but he has good music too).

Songs inspiring this are:
-Palm Trees or Lost Souls
-The Island
-Five Days of Summer
-Probably more

Here are the lyrics!

They talk about the city of angels
like it's some kind of paradise
but angels fall and crash and break
and they always make the same mistakes
oh they talk about the city of angels
from the sounds it's all golden and shiny

They talk about the city of angels
how it's just so perfect and happy
It must be pretty special
to earn that understanding

They talk about the city of angels
hidden under one big great disguise
all happy beginnings and endings
but they never show what's real inside

They talk about the city of angels
they don't see the scars and open wounds
all the break ups and burnings
shining brighter than a clear night's moon

They talk shot the city of angels
they think it's perfect and happy and nice
but if you fall you're gone and you don't come back
'cause that's what happens to angels

Technically this is probably a poem, but songs are poems. Idk.

Monday, July 15, 2013

Because We're Monster (Lyrics)

Monster, monster
Come alive
See the ways the Gypsy lies
Monster, monster
Look at me
Look past all the insecurities
Monster, monster
Who are you
And what's the way our paths will go?
Because you're a monster
Because we're all lies
Because no one can see you
Or your demise
Because you're monster
Monster, monster
See through me
See through all the liberties
Monster, monster
Don't you dare
Don't go anywhere but where?
Monster, monster
Go away
Go until we can save the day
Because we're monster
Because we are lies
Because no one can see us
Or our demise
Because we're monster!
Monster, monster
Why have you trapped me?
Why did you steal a simple deed?
Monster, monster
let me free
Let me through your dying seas
Monster, monster
You got me
So now you take me wherever you please
Oh Monster
Silly Monster
Oh oh
Don't you know he already had me
Don't you know he wouldn't sell me oh
Monster monster
Don't you cry
I'll be yours
if you'll be mine
Because we're Monster
Because we are lies
Because no can see us
Or our demise
Because we are Monster
Monster Ohhhhh oh
Because we are Monster
Because we lie
Because we hide
In forever's disguise
Because we're monster!

Not too sure where this came from, but it's from a long while back

Sunday, July 14, 2013

Cassandra's Cirque

About a year ago I was on some site and looking through some fashion-y thing, and an idea hit me.

Cassandra's Cirque.

What happens when a band of schemers, spies, and con-artists get together? Well Cassandra's Cirque of course! Traversing the world, they weasel their way in to others' business, wreak havoc, and maybe learn that being bad isn't good.

With brainy and sarcastic Cassandra Faye as the leader of their magical cirque, Kendall Smith with a witty brain and sharp tongue as a lead spy, Andromedea Jackson with her fantastical ideas and over reactive imagination as their lead schemer, Penny Stilbrow as the sensible and possibly normal grifter, Sydney Brown the definitely crazy distraction and flirt, wise old Zsazsa, and the lost and confused new girl; Jaime. Together these crazy girls ranging from twelve to seventy five will get what they need and want, no matter the price.

Follow the Cirque as they welcome Jaime, swindle the president, and throw a few circuses like none were before.

Saturday, July 13, 2013

Why Can't We Just Be (Lyrics)

I'm dreaming out loud
wondering bout everything
wondering where you are
and why you were
I'm screaming out loud
living through you again
living through memories
living through dreams that never will begin
I'm living through a ghost
seeing through a veil
practically dead
practically gone
I'm dreaming out loud
screaming for you
you may have hurt me
but I still love you
I still love you
Why can't you just stay with me?
Why we just be?
Why do you have to leave me?
Oh oh oh oh leave me
Why do you have to leave 
Why do we always fall apart?
why do things never stay gold?
why do we always break in the end?
why can't we just be happily in love?
Why can't we just be
I'm dreaming out loud
screaming for you
you may have hurt me
but I still love you
I'm living out loud
being there for you
I'm seeing out loud
wanting to see you
So why can't you just come back to me?
why can't we just be?
like we were?
why can't you just love me?
Why can't we just be? 

Thursday, July 11, 2013

Any Other (Lyrics)

Now that you're gone
I guess we're done
it's like breaking up
with the one you love

I feel like Taylor Swift
through all this drama
aren't there any other options
aren't there any other ways
I left you
on the streets
I walked out
when I saw you there
I don't care
about you anymore
I don't care
about you
Aren't there any other options
aren't there any other ways
isn't there someone to save us
so we can see the promised day
You're out of chances
you're dead to me
I'm losing touch with you
Never to be seen again
You hurt me once
no make that twice
I might as well say
Leave now
I'm saying goodbye
this is the last time
I'm leaving
Aren't there any other options
aren't there any other ways
isn't there someone to save us
so we can see the promised day
Say goodbye now
say goodbye today
I'm leaving you forever
Say goodbye to me
say goodbye today
I don't care anymore
Aren't there any other options
aren't there any other ways
isn't there someone to save us
so we can see the promised day

This is for an old friend (we haven't fought in a while). Really only posted because I am OBSESSED with the chorus.

Italian Vampire Foreign Exchange Students?

Just a story snippet idea thingy.

Aidan Preparatory School for the Young is your fancy boarding school. It's not one of those stuck up schools you find in most books; no, it is more like your regular school than anything. That is until Arya and Sebastian Kiss come along.

Abigail Dunne knows something is up with the brother and sister duo, but every else seems to fall under their charm. With the help of Abby's not always so charming friends, Catakin Dione and Cassandra Flane, she plans to unearth whatever secrets these new Italian exchange students must be hiding. Abby doesn't know what she does expect from the all two perfect twins, but vampire spies was certainly not it.

Would LOVE to write this, but I don't think I have quite what it takes or the knowledge. Plus it isn't my style.