Thursday, July 11, 2013

Italian Vampire Foreign Exchange Students?

Just a story snippet idea thingy.

Aidan Preparatory School for the Young is your fancy boarding school. It's not one of those stuck up schools you find in most books; no, it is more like your regular school than anything. That is until Arya and Sebastian Kiss come along.

Abigail Dunne knows something is up with the brother and sister duo, but every else seems to fall under their charm. With the help of Abby's not always so charming friends, Catakin Dione and Cassandra Flane, she plans to unearth whatever secrets these new Italian exchange students must be hiding. Abby doesn't know what she does expect from the all two perfect twins, but vampire spies was certainly not it.

Would LOVE to write this, but I don't think I have quite what it takes or the knowledge. Plus it isn't my style.