Friday, July 19, 2013

A bit of HP fanfic I've been writing

Roxanne Weasley, daughter of George Weasley and Katie Bell Weasley, raced up the stairs. Behind her was her closest friend, Nicolette Longbottom, or Nic. At the top of the narrow flight of rickety stairs, Rose Weasley awaited them. It was the day before their next year at Hogwarts would begin, and they were all ecstatic. Rox was the oldest, a rising fourth year. Rose was the youngest, just entering her second. Nic was the middle of the three, going into her third year.
Supplies had been bought and were waiting in trunks, hidden in the upstairs rooms. No one really wanted the school year to start, but they all knew it had to at some point. The three Slytherin girls were excited for many things. Quidditch, Hogsmede for Rox and Nic, and the wide array of classes they were taking.
Once the three girls were together, they silently clambered down the hallway, towards the room they were all sharing. It was their Aunt Ginny's old room, but she was at her house with her sons and daughter and husband, so the room was taken by those three. Uncle Bill and Aunt Fleur had their own room with their son Louis, a Ravenclaw Prefect. Their daughters resided with the other three girls staying at the Burrow, home of the Weasley clan.
"C'mon! We have to hurry if we want to mess with Victoire's make up!" Rox exclaimed. It was made clear early on in her life that she was quite a bit like her father in some ways, but the exact opposite in others. Until James' true house had been revealed and Rose had been Sorted, she had been the black sheep of her family.
"Do we have to?" Rose asked. She didn't like trouble, at least such blatant trouble as this prank was. Rose preferred the more subtle and sneaking ways of the devious angel that she was.
"Well we already got to Louis' hair stuff, so why not mess with Victoire next? I don't even know why she's here. She graduated Hogwarts last year!" Nic may not have been a Weasley, or a Potter, but her father was close friends with the family, so it was only natural for her to be as well. Like her two Weasley friends, she strongly detested Victoire Weasley.
"Well this should teach her not to come back next year!" Rox shouted quietly. They entered their shared room and went over to their cousin's overstuffed luggage.
Together the trio quickly worked. By the time seven and a half minutes had passed, the havoc was wreaked and the make up was back in place. Just as quickly and quietly as the girls had come, they were gone. You never really could trust a snake, now could you?