Friday, July 19, 2013

I cried?

"No, no, please tell me you're kidding me," he said. Worry laced his tone as he packed his suitcase. His wife stood with his infant daughter to the side of the room. A solid voice responded to the man and he groaned. His wife, pale and fragile, brought a single hand to her lips. Shock echoed across her face and through the room.

"It wasn't like that when I left," the man objected, but he knew his arguments had all turned against him. What his partner said in reply proved his point. It had been a long year and so much had changed, and now it was about to change again.

The phone clicked, signalling the end of the call right as the man finished packing. A sad look full of longing was given to his wife as he stepped closer to her. The small baby wailed. The man looked down at his three week old daughter, love and sadness evident on his old and tired face. Leaning down he placed a kiss on her tiny and warm forehead. A smile of adoration quickly flashed, before he stood up and turned to his wife.

"Take her to John. He'll understand," he instructed his wife, knowing he would. He leaned in for a kiss, but lights began to flash as he did so. Noises blared, and he stood straight, stepping away quickly.

"Take her to John, he knows what to do. Remember what I told you, remember what I said, and remember that I love you." Picking up his suitcase the man flashed away. The lights fell to darkness and the noises to sudden silence. The woman leaned against the wall in shock, holding her infant daughter to her chest. Now it was all up to her.

Is it bad I was almost crying as I wrote this? And I rarely cry at books, so that means something. Wrote this from like three ayem to five ayem and kind of half not working (coughtumblrandsheocough). But I know exactly what I am going to use this for. Hesitant about posting it, but it needed to be shared.