Sunday, July 14, 2013

Cassandra's Cirque

About a year ago I was on some site and looking through some fashion-y thing, and an idea hit me.

Cassandra's Cirque.

What happens when a band of schemers, spies, and con-artists get together? Well Cassandra's Cirque of course! Traversing the world, they weasel their way in to others' business, wreak havoc, and maybe learn that being bad isn't good.

With brainy and sarcastic Cassandra Faye as the leader of their magical cirque, Kendall Smith with a witty brain and sharp tongue as a lead spy, Andromedea Jackson with her fantastical ideas and over reactive imagination as their lead schemer, Penny Stilbrow as the sensible and possibly normal grifter, Sydney Brown the definitely crazy distraction and flirt, wise old Zsazsa, and the lost and confused new girl; Jaime. Together these crazy girls ranging from twelve to seventy five will get what they need and want, no matter the price.

Follow the Cirque as they welcome Jaime, swindle the president, and throw a few circuses like none were before.