Friday, July 26, 2013

Alyss (Lyrics)

To the tune of Painting Flowers by All Time Low
Inspired by The Looking Glass Wars

Strange names, what is this place?
I’m in England, not Wonderland
I fell right through the Pool of Tears
Where is Hatter Madigan?
He’s s’posed to save me and protect me
I guess he lied about it all

Are they fighting? Or looking for me?
What did Redd do to my home?
If nothing is true, am I crazy?
Hatter must still be looking for me, oh Hatter

Adopted by a family
They’re the Liddells and oh so very human
It’s A-L-Y-S-S Alyss
That’s not my name, that’s not how it’s spelled
But I guess that’s not me anymore

But when I meet him
And tell my story
He twisted it in such a very cruel fashion
And it’s all a lie, I may believe it myself
Nothing goes through my looking glass
I think this may change me forever

I met Prince Leopald
I almost was married to him
And when Dodge saved me
And he took me back
I knew everything that I dreamed up is true
If I must beat Redd
I will need all of your help
I went through the Looking Glass Maze

I am now queen of Wonderland