Monday, October 20, 2014


I wanna be free 
I wanna just fly
I wanna fall on my knees
And lay down and die

I wanna explore
And find a new place
Lose myself there
And get thrown out with the waste

I wanna get lost
Find love in the shadows
Fit in with the populars
Find my own deathly hallows

I wanna be the new girl
Have a fresh start
Not speak their language
And not be apart

I wanna see history
Happening right now
I wanna see the redwood trees
And look up from the ground

I wanna visit ruins
Scrape my knees and cry
I wanna see antiquities
And here the stories of why

I wanna visit old buildings
Find a fantastical beast
Listen to new music
And trip on my own two feet

I wanna find my place in life
This is hectic crazy mad world
I wanna find a home for me
I wanna find my own