Monday, March 2, 2015


I left school early that day because I just couldn't take it anymore
I couldn't deal with the fake laughter and forgotten smiles
I couldn't stand being ignored
Being spoken over
Being pushed aside
Being forgotten
And it took me crying and having my sister pick me up
Sit in the poetry section of the library with two of my closest friends
It took care, and patience, and choice to realize that I was overanalyzing
I was mind reading
I was letting the monster take control of me
And I couldn't do that anymore
I can't do that anymore
And sometimes you just have to pull yourself back
Look at the world as it is
Take away your bias
And just laugh 
Because we're ridiculous caring about boys we'll soon hate
Talking about who slept with who
And life is ridiculous
But that's what makes it precious
Because there's nothing else quite like it