Monday, March 2, 2015


Just another dead celebrity
A girl who died back in the eighties
Lost in the fray, the chaos of life
Went down below to meet up with Hades

That boy went too far, he should be blamed
They say it's her fault, and they don't know her at all
But her mother fainted when she found out
And her brother cried when he got the call

Telling people was the hardest part, strangers she barely knew 
They thought they knew everything about the girl
And they thought she was immortal and I guess now she is
But she fell down the rabbit hole, got lost in the whirl

She's a star in the sky, but her light is so dim
Even whennshesngone from us, she's still troubled within
Shesnbeennbrought down one too many times
To ever shine like an angel when she's full of sin

She stayed all shut up, silent and calm
And she never told anybody what went on in her head
But slowly they got to her and hit where it hurt
A beauty, an angel, a sinner now dead