Saturday, September 7, 2013

Maybe (Lyrics)

Maybe the cat was right when he called us all mad
Maybe tomorrow's light will never be sad
And then there's a maybe
A maybe for you
A maybe for all of us
And maybe me too

Foolish and immature
you said we'll get nowhere
Little dis we ever know
You ended up right

So maybe the cat was right
And maybe in tomorrows' light
Maybe it'll be more than you and me

Maybe in the end
We'll end up as just as friends
But maybe like what he said
That's all a lie
Oh that's all a lie

Maybe the cat was right when he called us mad
There's all these different pathways to take
This way and thataway and here and then there
We just have to choose wherever we go

So here's a maybe just for you and ms
Here's a maybe that will help us choose
'cause I've been thinking lately and maybe I love you