Friday, August 16, 2013

30 Things

It's official. Whatever it is, I am unsure, but it is certainly official. I guess it's a list of things, so here they are.

  1. I don't feel at home
  2. I'm glad to be out of schooling (for now)
  3. I might not want to go into university
  4. I miss the carnival
  5. I want to be confident enough to not be afraid to show off a bit
  6. I miss constantly being on the move
  7. I feel like Alice and this place is Wonderland, even if I have been here for years
  8. I miss my personal library that I gave up when I left
  9. I want to meet my dad, wherever he is out there
  10. I hope I'm making my father proud
  11. I like Anderson
  12. I want to change find who I am
  13. I want to stick with who I am
  14. I feel like I'm maybe just a pretty face
  15. I like unicorns and badgers best
  16. I want to find my knight in shining armor, just so I know I'm not alone in this stupid world
  17. I miss my mom
  18. I miss being close to my mom
  19. I hate peanuts
  20. I know my other side is just waiting to pop out at the worst moment
  21. I may want to cut my hair?
  22. I want to know what Quinton Payne saw in me years ago (well only two...)
  23. I want to be comfortable with whoever I am in life like people always assume
  24. I want to find that one person who I can trust with my life and trust them with it
  25. I want some good solid consistency to lean back on, like a relationship
  26. Some days death sounds like the better option
  27. Maybe constant change isn't what I really love
  28. I want to develop more friendships and feel at home and accepted here
  29. I want a home that I can always rely on
  30.  Want to know why I am like this and if I can ever maybe change it

Seen scribbled at the bottom are some lines from '10 Things I Hate About You' from the movie of the same title. 

The thing I hate most
is I can't hate you
No, not even a little
No, not even at all