Thursday, August 1, 2013

We haven't even said our goodbyes
We didn't even get past hello
Oh it was love at first sight
Please tell me I'm not alone

You said you knew it was me
I told you I knew it was you
We were happy as can be
But it was all a dream so cruel

I pretended we never met
but my plan fell right through
No matter how hard I tried
I could never forget you

And then when that song came on to the radio
and it summed up our lives perfectly
I couldn't help but cry a river of tears
And you would never know it was from me

So here we are at hello
And maybe one day goodbye
I've never felt oh so low
But here you are oh so high

This may not be true feeling
But I know it was fun to pretend
So here I am still healing
From something I knew was obtend