Saturday, August 24, 2013

Neverland (Lyrics)

They tale me a tale of a paradise
A place where you never grow up
Where innocence is eternal
And love will never die

So tell me, Peter
Where is this place?
How can I get there?
How can I see beyond space?
So tell me tell me tell me
Why am I stuck here
Gimme gimme gimme
A bit of your majestic fear

I hear bells and pirates fighting
I hear wings and mermaids too
I see the stars a-glowing
But I dont see you

They shot me shot me shot me
Out of the sky from following you
They dont want me want me want me
Ever to be with you

They are right that I don't belong here
They are right that I shouldn't stay
I know my place is elsewhere
So why won't you just sayay?

Leave me leave me leave me leave me
Go away go away go away go away
Just leave now and I'll forever hold my peace
But save me save me save me
The ropes are bound too tight
They hurt me hurt me hurt me
As you're chasing and fencing through the night

I know you spot me
I know you can help me
So follow Jiminy this time
Maybe for once he's right
All I know is let's hope so
So we can all live long
In Neverland