Friday, August 2, 2013


     Well, before I say anything else, I better introduce myself.
     My name is Jillian Marie Elms. I am just barely eighteen. I am a camper at Camp Jupiter, for children of mortals and Roman Gods. I am a daughter of Janus, god of Choice, Time, Transitions, and Doorways. I have two different personalities, and there is nothing I can do to change it.
     I have been at Camp Jupiter for five or six years, and have never felt as at home as I am at the traveling carnival where I was born and raised. The carnival is my home and family, except for maybe my fortune teller mother, Beverly, or Madame Beveria. I can juggle, do some trapeze, do some gymnastics, and breathe fire. I also know how to throw knives and my weapon(s) are two particularly scary ones. I keep a few for throwing , and enjoy practicing with them.
     Honestly, it takes a while for people to accept me. It's the two different sides thing. Recently my...nicer side has been showing, but there is still my love of inconsistency. It freaks people out, and that's the least I can say.
     I guess this is introduction enough. I'll write more later.